Power outage fucked our systems!
Posted on: 12/19/23
Hello, I am posting this blog to let you know that at funcube hq (my house) has been struck with a power outage and, with no battery backup had experiance a broken os, but luckily it has forced me to install a new os, it's still Ubuntu based but it's built more for gaming pc's, ever heard of a little os called Pop_OS? Yep. That's what we now switched to, and with a working cron we can also start getting classic.cube back up and working. For now only and still only ever since we've have this cron problem tv.cube is the only one that is working. radio.cube was also wiped in the new upgrade and sooner or later that will be back up and runnning. I am sorry for all of this happening and yes someday I will invest in a battery backup, so if this ever happens again, there will be a chance to shut down everything until power is restored.
Progress update #1
Posted on: 11/6/23
Hello and this is is our first post for updates that's happened before our last blog post. First big update we have been making lots of updates to classic.cube and tv.cube with it's shows, animes, ads, bumpers and much more. We've been adding so much stuff that sooner or later we will soon roll out a schedule for both blocks, as of writing it's all still one big script with "all" the shows and animes but soon we will have an actual schedule with different days showing different shows, cause if we keep it as one big script then most shows won't be shown before the crontab switches to the next block. As for website updates I am still trying to figure out on how to fix the width problem for the player and chat. I also rolled out a wip schedule page to replace the crappy pdf page. I also lastly rolled out the new monthly video wallpaper, happy early thanksgiving.
Server Problems, working on backup server
Posted on: 8/28/23
So as of right now, only the owncast server is down, I am currently having another vultr server up and running for our backup server. This will have a barebones owncast server plus the nsv to rtmp script. The reason for now as I still don't know yet is I think Vultr is upgrading it's servers and shit in New Jersy which is where the og server is located, cause I'm trying to load the owncast site and it's slow as fuck, even going into a ssh it's fucking slow. So my guess, shit is low down there.
Almost there...
Posted on: 8/18/23
We are about almost half way of getting the Checkerd Past ready, Smurfs is almost done and will have others ready like KND, for the midnight tv.cube I am currently getting Cowboy Bebop added to the timeline, I have recently replaced some psa's from the current time line with promos, hopefully that will make things less annoying, I am also working on getting a "NEXT" and "2001 Pools" added soon, I just wanna get Home Movies fully encoded before I encode the other two. So yeah, keep a look out for new shows and newer old shit added to the timeline.
New updates and more pages!
Posted on: 8/10/23
Hey everyone, I just wanted to give you all a small update post, fun.cube's web code has been updated a lot, the links on top will actually lead you to all of the pages, the store page is still under construction so don't go to it just yet. The shows list is just that the old shows list for both tv.cube and classic.cube and the schedule page it's all still a work in progress, it looks like shit but I'm gonna try to find another way. Either way the site still is having changes done to it and as for the encoding, nothing has changed and is still going.
Hello World!
Posted on: 8/9/23
Hello, this is the new-ish fun.cube website remake. There are still bugs that still need to be fixed. But as for now this will work out fine.

Are you still encoding shows?

Yes, I am still getting everything ready for the "Checkerd Past" it's all chugging along, it's just taking forever cause of my computer being slow as fuck.